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Pet Sitting

picture of a dog at daycare (The Balance.)

The pet sitting services would be useful to the people who want to leave on vacation and who need someone to keep their dog or cat safe until they return.

Before taking any dog or cat into care, a team of skilled workers should evaluate the pets behaviour and see if it gets along with other pets. This would be important in order to avoid any conflicts and accidents. If there would be any problems, the dog would not be let out into the yard to play freely with other dogs. The dog would then be walked 3 times a day instead for its daily exercise.

Also, the larger dogs should not be placed with the smaller dogs. They should be seperated in order to avoid problems and for all the dogs to be safe. The cats should also be seperated from dogs if they do not get along.

It is important for the animals to have an interaction with humans everyday. Exercising and playing is also an important aspect in regards to the pets well-being.

List of Prices for Pet Sitting
Time Price
Per day $12.00
7 days $80.00
14 days $160.00
30 days $340.00