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image of cat eating food (Conscious Cat.)

A balanced and nutritious diet is important for the pets well-being and to live a healthy life.

Dogs are like people when it comes to nutrition. Dogs can live healthy lives while eating a variety of food. A dogs diet should contain grains, meats and vegetables. But also like us, dogs need a balanced diet and their meals need to be moderately-sized that will provide them with energy for their activities. Their diet should not be overindulgent otherwise it can expand their waistlines and put them at risk of diseases like diabetes. A veterinarian can recommend foods that may protect dogs against certain diseases. Also, a proper nutrition can protect a dog's joints and can prevent arthritis.

A dog needs to be fed according to:
- Age
- Activity level
- Ideal weight

Cats are a lot different than dogs. They are carnivores, which means they need a lot of meat in their diet for protein and for fat. It is important that cat owners do not treat their cats like they are dogs with their diet. Dog food can be fatal to cats as they are loaded with carbohydrates which can not be processed well by cats. Because the food is filled with carbohydrates, cats tend to be obese and obesity can lead to diabetes. It is important to read the food label making sure that it is loaded with the proper nutrients for cats.

It is extremely important to make your cat taste the food first as some foods may cause gastrointestinal upsets. Cats are more difficult with their eating habits than dogs. For example, a cat will go on a hunger strike if they do not like the particular food they are fed. These strikes can be dangerous. When cats don't eat, they can suffer from liver failure and get fatally ill. Therefore, it is important to do a taste test first and see how the cat will react to the food. If the food needs to be switched to another type, it needs to be done gradually in small amounts over a week. This will help prevent an upset stomach and from the cat rejecting the new food completely.

Information about dog and cat diet: (Pets Webmd.)